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Professional trucking businesses need strong and comprehensive insurance for their vehicles and drivers. Commercial trucking insurance is a highly specialized entity. Trucking—both long- and short-haul—requires moving expensive cargo in an expensive vehicle on roadways that might prove hazardous. Trucking companies need to protect themselves, their drivers, vehicles, cargo and others on the road. To do that, they need insurance.


Insuring a commercial trucking venture requires a specialized process. It means combining many elements of commercial auto coverage to create a unique policy portfolio. Before letting your drivers hit the road, make sure they have the protection they deserve. 

Trucking companies must protect their business assets, cargo and drivers. In the event of an accident, trucks can cause massive damages. Conversely, trucks can also sustain massive damage to both vehicle and cargo. In these cases, having the appropriate trucking insurance coverage can protect a company from potential catastrophic financial losses.

About Our Agency

Integrity Network Insurance Group provides insurance coverage in over 35 states — including Texas, California, Colorado, Georgia, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, North Carolina, Ohio and Virginia. We have access to markets in all 50 states and use those markets regularly.

If you’re looking for trucking insurance, look no further. Trucking insurance is our company’s primary line of business. All of the insurance companies we use are A+ rated. We offer policies through AmTrust, Berkshire Hathaway, Hallmark, National Indemnity and many other companies.

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What Can Trucking Insurance Cover?

Trucking companies that are looking for insurance likely know that there are multiple coverage options available out there. Each one needs a policy that effectively and uniquely covers their drivers and trucks. Some of the protection you might need includes:

Integrity Network Insurance Group can insure your trucking company to meet your needs. Whether you need to insure one truck, or 100 trucks, we are here to help. We cover all aspects of trucking insurance, including:
  • Liability Insurance: Helps cover damage or injuries to third parties. Drivers could always harm someone else, or damage their property. Therefore, this coverage is usually mandatory.
  • Collision Protection: Helps pay for damage to the truck or trailer resulting from a wreck. 
  • Cargo Insurance: Truckers have a goal to deliver cargo to recipients safely. If something happens to the cargo, the client could request compensation. Use this coverage to pay for their losses. 
  • Bobtail Insurance: If you aren’t attached to your trailer, or carrying cargo, your insurance might not cover you. Bobtail insurance can extend coverage to you when you aren’t carrying a load.
  • Physical Damage Insurance: These are various types of coverage that may cover damage to individual trucks. Collision insurance and comprehensive insurance can cover various accidents and damages caused by theft, vandalism and fire.
  • Environmental Liability Insurance: Truckers frequently carry hazardous materials. As a result accidents might cause environmental or public health problems. This coverage can help companies front money towards cleanup. 

If you’re looking for a company that will help you find all the right aspects of trucking insurance, look to Integrity Network Insurance Group. We’re here for you, and ready to help you when you need us. 

A Professional Agency with the Best Prices Around 

At Integrity Network Insurance Group, we have years of experience in the trucking insurance sector, and can serve markets in all 50 states. We offer policies through AmTrust, Berkshire Hathaway, Hallmark, National Indemnity and many other companies.

We’re here and ready to help. In our offices, a dedicated team of agents will make sure you get the policy that best fits your needs. With our budget-friendly approach to coverage, you will also always get the most affordable policy prices. Customers can also take full advantage of our other policy services like factoring, DoT compliance, down-payment assistance and dispatch services.

We proudly provide our trucking customers with many resources to accompany their policies:

  • Dispatch services
  • Factoring services
  • Department of Transportation Compliance service
  • Down-payment assistance
  • Assistance in finding drivers

If you’re ready to get started, request your free quote today.

So, if you’re ready for trucking insurance, what’s stopping you? Start the process with us today. Call us at 512-989-6006 or 844-524-4744 or request your free quote. 

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