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You've worked hard. You've built a profit-generating company, and that's nothing to sneeze at these days. You've managed to avoid risks that could undermine all your hard work so far. But, now you're considering growth opportunities. Your new business opportunities may require your employees to operate your company cars. READ MORE >>

Having the proper type of trucking insurance is always important, but with so many options available today, it can be confusing to know which plan is right for your unique needs. Its easy to overlook bobtail insurance, yet it remains important for many commercial vehicles — as it covers your trailer when it is not attached to your truck. READ MORE >>

Road construction is everywhere. It is something we all must endure on a regular basis in order to be safer. However, those orange and white cones and blinking arrow signs can be dangerous for drivers all across the United States. Fortunately, there are some measures you can take to ensure that you can navigate work zones safely. READ MORE >>

One of the biggest financial components of trucking businesses, including those that operate semis, is to manage insurance. There are plenty of risks tied to trucking operations. Your assets, your drivers and your customers are key liabilities, as are the other drivers sharing the road with you. READ MORE >>

Because vehicles depreciate in value so rapidly, it's not uncommon for people and businesses alike to find themselves owing more on a car, truck or van than the vehicle's current worth. And since most commercial auto insurance policies pay only for what the vehicle is currently worth, you may wind up owing more on a vehicle than insurance will cover if it's totaled. READ MORE >>

Trucking insurance comes in a variety of forms. Each type offers a different level of coverage. Whether your trucking company is just getting off the ground or is one of the largest in the industry, it pays to have coverage that is fitting to the on-the-ground operations. READ MORE >>

Thieves don't always need an elaborate plan to steal the cargo off a truck. Instead, they can steal cargo while a driver is using the restroom or running into a convenience store to grab a snack. If the truck is idling and the keys are in plain sight, it can be easy for a thief to steal either the cargo, or the entire truck. READ MORE >>

Truck drivers have a risky job when they are driving throughout the day. They have to watch out for smaller vehicles darting in and out of traffic while simultaneously protecting the over-sized load on the back of their truck. For the faint of heart, it may seem overwhelming and stressful, but there are many professional truck drivers who manage this feat each and every day. READ MORE >>

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