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When transporting cargo for a business or client, it’s crucial to keep it safe. You may have cargo insurance in case of disaster, but does it cover you if someone steals your cargo? This depends on the situation. In general, yes, cargo insurance does have the capability of covering theft. READ MORE >>

Say you’ve been trucking for over a decade now and you’ve never had an accident. Then one day a car collides with your truck as you’re merging onto the highway. Suddenly you not only have a possibly irate driver to deal with, but you must find a way to explain the accident to your employer and their insurance company. READ MORE >>

If you drive your personal truck for business, you probably already have your own personal auto insurance. Don't rely on this to protect you while you're on the job, though. Your personal insurance usually won't apply to work-related incidents, so you need separate commercial auto insurance. READ MORE >>

You rely on your commercial vehicle to take you places on important work. One of the most essential parts of that vehicle is its battery. It helps start and run the car, after all. Yet, the battery is also one of the most-targeted items by thieves. You might encounter situations where someone leaves the car but opens the hood and steals the battery. READ MORE >>

When you use a vehicle as a component of your business, you usually need commercial auto insurance. This type of coverage minimizes risks associated with the vehicle and helps protect your business from claims. The same is true if you own or lease the vehicle. Here is some insight into leasing commercial vehicles. READ MORE >>

If you have ever seen a car stranded on the side of the road, you have probably felt glad that you weren’t in that driver’s shoes—especially if you are driving a commercial truck. Still, breakdowns happen, and they might be both costly and dangerous. READ MORE >>

When a commercial driver is in an accident with your business’s vehicle, you can easily appreciate having commercial auto insurance in place. It can help cover the losses you suffer from your vehicle’s damage. It also helps you cover losses related to the other driver. READ MORE >>

As a commercial trucker, you have commercial interests you must protect. That means addressing the harm you might cause to other parties. Driving accidents might not only harm you and your truck, but also others or their property. How can you address these accidents? READ MORE >>

Business owners need to be aggressive in managing their finances. Many buy commercial auto insurance to help minimize the risk associated with the financial loss from an accident. Yet, your coverage costs a significant amount of money. Can you write off this expense? It may be possible to do just that. READ MORE >>

Every trucker is used to spending hours behind the wheel. Over time, the lifestyle of the road can become dangerous if you don’t take care of yourself. That’s especially true if you don’t have an emergency supply setup in the truck. Every trucker needs a few necessities they can turn to at a moment’s notice. READ MORE >>

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