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When a commercial driver is in an accident with your business’s vehicle, you can easily appreciate having commercial auto insurance in place. It can help cover the losses you suffer from your vehicle’s damage. It also helps you cover losses related to the other driver. READ MORE >>

Business owners need to be aggressive in managing their finances. Many buy commercial auto insurance to help minimize the risk associated with the financial loss from an accident. Yet, your coverage costs a significant amount of money. Can you write off this expense? It may be possible to do just that. READ MORE >>

When driving a business vehicle, you probably keep quite a few important items inside. Sometimes, those items have considerable value. So, if your vehicle gets stolen, you might lose more than your car. Can your insurance help you replace vehicle contents? READ MORE >>

Every vehicle needs tire maintenance. But, commercial fleets often need special attention. Given the varied and frequent uses of such vehicles, tires might wear down or suffer damage at more frequent rates than on standard cars. So, if you are in charge of managing a fleet, what can you do to keep your vehicles in good shape? READ MORE >>

Commercial auto insurance covers the value of your vehicle. If an accident occurs, this policy helps cover repairs to the vehicle. As a business owner, this may be critical to keep your company active. However, not all policies are the same. Coverage can differ from one policy to the other. READ MORE >>

When an accident occurs, you expect your commercial auto insurance to cover the losses. In most cases, it will do so. This type of insurance product usually covers most risks. This includes damage to the vehicle. It also includes medical bills and injuries for your driver. The policy will usually cover your passengers as well. READ MORE >>

Between commutes, transportation and food trips, your business uses vehicles a lot. Sometimes, a personal auto insurance policy can cover the loose ends. This doesn’t mean the policy has enough coverage, however. At times, your needs might be better suited to commercial auto coverage.  READ MORE >>

A courier or messenger moves parcels and documents from one area to the next. This service is increasingly in demand. Businesses need to move documents from one location to the next fast. They do not have time to wait for the mail.  For those that work as a courier or messenger, it is important to treat this job as a full business. READ MORE >>

Obtaining proper commercial auto insurance is very important to business owners. The right policy minimizes financial risk to the company. It also keeps a business safe from lawsuits and reputation concerns. One of the forms business owners will fill out when obtaining coverage is the Business Auto Coverage Form. READ MORE >>

Registered contractors already know the importance of business insurance to cover their company. But, did you know that you also need a separate commercial auto insurance policy? Here are three important factors to consider. #1: Your Regular Auto Insurance Might Not Cover You READ MORE >>

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