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Independent truck drivers own their vehicles. They operate in a for-profit manner for themselves. Yet, their biggest and most important asset is their truck. Protecting it is essential to ensuring the business continues to operate. Trucking insurance is at the heart of this protection. READ MORE >>

A new pilot project in the U.S. is allowing drivers under the age of 21 to operate trucks across state lines. As a business owner, having a team to meet your needs is essential. However, you also need to be sure your commercial auto insurance is in place. Protecting inexperienced drivers is essential. READ MORE >>

Those who drive trucks will need commercial auto insurance. They’ll also need to insure themselves against the harm they might cause others. While liability coverage comes with most policies, it often won’t cover all types of damage. For example, pollution caused by trucking accidents may not have coverage. READ MORE >>

When an accident occurs, you expect your commercial auto insurance to cover the losses. In most cases, it will do so. This type of insurance product usually covers most risks. This includes damage to the vehicle. It also includes medical bills and injuries for your driver. The policy will usually cover your passengers as well. READ MORE >>

Starting a career as a commercial truck driver offers many opportunities. In the current climate, there is significant demand for drivers. Large sign-on bonuses and tuition reimbursement options exist. Trucking companies are offering better benefits and more time off, too. READ MORE >>

Between commutes, transportation and food trips, your business uses vehicles a lot. Sometimes, a personal auto insurance policy can cover the loose ends. This doesn’t mean the policy has enough coverage, however. At times, your needs might be better suited to commercial auto coverage.  READ MORE >>

Many industries rely on the interstate trucking to transport goods to clients. As a result, the need for truck drivers remains a critical screw in the economy. If you decide to pursue a career as a driver, you likely have a chance to profit.  Even so, driving a truck comes with many more risks than driving a car. READ MORE >>

A courier or messenger moves parcels and documents from one area to the next. This service is increasingly in demand. Businesses need to move documents from one location to the next fast. They do not have time to wait for the mail.  For those that work as a courier or messenger, it is important to treat this job as a full business. READ MORE >>

Internet-connected technology is becoming extremely helpful to businesses. This includes those in the transportation industry. As vehicles become smarter, businesses have begun to tap into data to improve their performance.  Though still relatively new, the Internet of Things (IoT) is fast becoming an integral part of commercial trucking. READ MORE >>

A new law is going into effect on December 18, 2017. The law will require drivers, such as truckers, to use electronic logging devices or ELDs. These devices will replace the paper logs that these types of drivers must maintain. The goal of the law is to reduce risk. It does not eliminate risk, though. READ MORE >>

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