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Think about the cargo you transport in your truck every day. Could it ever harm others? Realistically, every type of trucking cargo could harm another person on the road. However, certain materials have much more potent and present risks. Perhaps, for example, you’re a trucker for an oil and gas company, delivering fuel to gas stations. READ MORE >>

Registered contractors already know the importance of business insurance to cover their company. But, did you know that you also need a separate commercial auto insurance policy? Here are three important factors to consider. #1: Your Regular Auto Insurance Might Not Cover You READ MORE >>

Like traditional auto coverage, trucking insurance covers drivers throughout Texas, Florida, Illinois, California, Georgia and 25 other states in case they face accident risks on the road. Commercial truckers have to follow strict guidelines to operate. However, this does not exempt them from increasing their risks when problems occur. READ MORE >>

Auto accidents impact the lives of multiple families and individuals each year. However, they can also affect businesses. When an employee drives a company car, they must get commercial auto insurance. This auto insurance protects against the risks associated with accidents on the road. READ MORE >>

Working in commercial trucking means delivering cargo on time and in good condition. If you fail to do so, you could cause financial losses for the client and your trucking company. Protecting your truck and your cargo should be your first priority. Commercial trucking insurance helps you protect many common risks associated with operations. READ MORE >>

Telematics is a growing component of the trucking industry. If you operate a commercial vehicle, there may become a time when telematics plays a role in the way you operate. Telematics might influence who you hire and what you pay for commercial insurance. Telematics comes in a variety of forms. READ MORE >>

The law requires most trucking operators to rest after a certain number of hours on the road. Before many areas had these rules, truckers often worked long hauls with very little rest. When fatigued, overworked truckers hit the road, they dramatically increase driving risks. READ MORE >>

You know that insurance is important to protect all your business risks. Covering employee drivers should be a top priority for any business owner. If an employee has a wreck while driving for business purposes, any claimed damages or injuries may hurt the business' finances. READ MORE >>

Collisions are a leading cause of liability loss for trucking companies. Many factors increase the risks of collisions. These accidents can lead to fatalities and significant property loss. Why are trucking accidents common? Well, it takes a loaded tractor trailer an extra 20 to 40 percent more space to stop than it does for a passenger vehicle to do so. READ MORE >>

You've worked hard. You've built a profit-generating company, and that's nothing to sneeze at these days. You've managed to avoid risks that could undermine all your hard work so far. But, now you're considering growth opportunities. Your new business opportunities may require your employees to operate your company cars. READ MORE >>

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